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About us

"We start the tours with strangers and end them with friends.”
David M. CEO Bruselas Guías & Tours

Brussels Guides & Tours

The Story

Our families told us: “study and you will make it far”. And here we are, 1500 Km away from home.

We are part of the “red tide” (because of our red passport). Young graduates who left Spain seeking opportunities out of our country due to the economic crisis on 2008 – 2014.

Different reasons made us choose Brussels as our new place. Here is where we met and started Brussels Guides & Tours.

The Promise

We believe that tours created in an office should not exist. There is not a better planner than a guide who knows the city and can make the best out of your time in the city.

In BGT we believe that your memories are the most important part of the trip. We like to have a direct contact with our customers from the start, and tailor making your experience with the highest quality standards.

Our team has been showing the best of the country over 10 years.

Our goal is to show you the heart and soul of the Netherlands. We love to see you smiling and enjoying each part of your trip with us.

Always in a friendly and responsible environment, showing you the traditions and the Belgian way of living.

Experience & specialization

Quality and service

A personal touch

Local expertise


Brussels Guides & Tours | Bruselas Guías & Tours

In Brussels Guides & Tours want you to feel as a local during your visit to Belgium.

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