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The history of...BGT

Our families told us: “study and you will make it far”. And here we are, 1500 Km away from home.

We are part of the “red tide” (because of our red passport). Young graduates who left Spain seeking opportunities out of our country due to the economic crisis on 2008 – 2014.

Different reasons made us choose Brussels as our new place. Here is where we met and started Brussels Guides & Tours.

The Promise

We believe that tours created in an office should not exist. There is not a better planner than a guide who knows the city and can make the best out of your time in the city…

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Welcome to Brussels Or welcome to the capital of Europe!

This diverse city offers a fantastic opportunity to get swept away by history, leisure and culture in every corner: unique neighborhoods, history, art and more; catapulting into one of the top spots of the most visited destinations in Europe and with good reason.

Brussels, capital of Europe

And located in the heart of Europe, monumental Brussels opens its doors to the world from land and air. Several airports and train station welcome to the city more than 40 millions of visitors every year.

Stumbling into the city, Brussels intricately unfolds before our eyes with open arms: warmth in every form, beauty and endless fun. Rich in history, Its Grand Place has been declared a world heritage site by UNESCO since 1998. Without fail you will lose yourself in its history, dating all the way back to the Middle Edge era.

It is a must to get lost in the streets of the oldest region, the Gothic neighbourhood, where the first inhabitants built their walls of defense. Today, centuries later, we can walk their steps and discover the narrow alleys, hidden plazas and take in the abundance of Gothic structures.

Brussels Guides and Tours wants to show you its beauty!

Brussels is one of the most vibrant and diverse cities in Europe. Live it. Get lost in it. Explore it and soak up its essence.

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